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What Are the Best Thermostats Currently on the Market?

Thermostats work to keep the perfect temperature for you according to your lifestyle. With the advent of the internet and wireless technologies, you have more options for the type of device you want running your HVAC system. What follows are some of the choices that are literally at your fingertips to help you choose your next, best thermostat.

Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats have been around for many years. They come with a basic, digital display panel that’s straightforward. Some of the program types include a 5-2-day program or a 5-1-1-day program.

The 5-2-day program gives you separate programs for the workweek and the weekend. The 5-1-1-day program gives you the workweek program and the ability to program separate temperature settings on the weekend days. Though useful, programmable thermostats don’t offer the most or best thermostat features.

Wi-Fi Thermostat

Wi-Fi thermostats use your home’s wireless network so that you may communicate with your thermostat remotely. Using your smartphone, computer, or tablet, you can access all of your thermostat’s features via the internet and an app.

Many Wi-Fi thermostats also allow you to connect accessory systems, such as whole-home humidifiers, air cleaners, and more. The best thermostat devices will also give you access to monthly energy-usage statistics. This can help you save energy — one of the best thermostat features.

Smart Thermostat

There is a lot of overlap with Wi-Fi thermostats, smart thermostats, and the latest technologies available. With smart thermostats, however, they have the ability to learn your comfort habits and schedule. Therefore, you don’t need to program them as you would with a programmable thermostat or a Wi-Fi thermostat unless you want to.

Smart thermostats also offer a feature called geofencing. With this technology, your location is monitored, typically through a smartphone app. This allows your smart thermostat to know when you are coming and going.

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