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What Are the Pros and Cons of HVAC Zones in Your Home?

It’s difficult to get your entire house to a single, uniform temperature. If one side is comfortable, the other side is too hot. If the top floor is just right, the ground floor is too cold. One solution to this problem is an HVAC zoning system. Will this work for your home? What are the pros and cons of HVAC zoning?

Pros of HVAC Zoning

The main benefit of a zoning system is that it makes your home more comfortable. Your home is divided into zones according to their individual heating and cooling needs, and a thermostat is placed in each zone. That way, each room gets only the amount of air it needs.

This in turn saves energy. Zones won’t get too hot or too cold. You won’t waste energy heating or cooling empty rooms. Additionally, by only providing the air that’s needed, you reduce wear and tear on your system and extend its life span. Not to mention that with a thermostat in each room, everyone can adjust the temperature to their personal preference without affecting the comfort of anyone else.

Cons of HVAC Zoning

Home comfort is not without its downside. HVAC zoning can be expensive to purchase and install. Over time, the energy savings will help you recoup that cost, but it’s still a significant amount upfront. Likewise, maintenance and repairs will be more expensive, as it’s a more complex machine than a regular HVAC system.

You’ll also need a two-stage system. This allows your HVAC to use less or more air as needed. A single-stage unit constantly blows the same amount of air, which may be too much in milder weather. This leads to disparate temperatures, which is just what the system is supposed to avoid.

Is HVAC zoning worthwhile? If you have varying temperatures across your house and you are able to invest the money, then yes. Talk to your HVAC contractor to see about a zoning system in your home.

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