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The Future Can’t Be Ignored When Making HVAC Upgrades

HVAC technology is constantly evolving. The systems of today are far more efficient and effective providers of heating and cooling than the ones of even just a few years ago. However, as climate change looms, future HVAC upgrades need to encompass more than just comfort. Here are some ways in which the next generation of HVAC technology is striving to be more environmentally friendly.

Coolant Alternatives

You may already have heard about R-22, the once-prevalent AC coolant that was phased out at the beginning of 2020 due to its depletion of the ozone layer. The most common replacement is R-410a, which is less harmful but still not ideal and which will also be largely phased out over the next few years.

However, some companies are looking at a more natural coolant for future HVAC upgrades: an ice-powered air conditioner. Water is frozen in a tank overnight, then used to cool a building the next day. Presently, this method can be used to cool a commercial building for about six hours, after which the regular AC kicks in.

It will be a few years before this technology becomes sustainable on its own, but even six hours is a great saver of both energy and refrigerant. Hopefully, future HVAC upgrades will be able to provide all day, ice-powered, residential cooling.

Energy-Saving Future HVAC Upgrades

There are plenty of energy-saving technologies available right now. Variable-speed air handlers provide less air on milder days, rather than leaving it constantly on full blast. Smart technologies let you control your HVAC system from your smartphone and even provide you with an analysis of your energy use and recommendations for how to reduce it.

One inventor is even working on a way to use the residual heat from your computer and other appliances to heat your home. There are all sorts of innovations in the works to make you comfortable while preserving the environment. Who knows what future HVAC upgrades will bring?

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