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What Can a Variable Speed Furnace Do for Your Home?

Instead of the traditional furnace blower that runs at only one speed — full blast — a variable speed blower adjusts airflow to meet the fluctuating heating requirements of the moment. These units incorporate a DC-powered, electronically commutated motor (ECM) that includes a built-in inverter, allowing the fan motor to run across a wide range of speeds. The blower continuously monitors temperature and other factors to calculate and deliver the precise amount of furnace airflow.

Variable speed blowers are now usually standard with new, high-efficiency furnaces. However, homeowners may also be able to upgrade their existing furnace from the standard, single-speed blower to a new variable speed blower at a reasonable cost.

These are some of the benefits of variable speed technology:

Continuous comfort.

As a standard on/off blower alternates between full-speed airflow and no airflow,  temperatures fluctuate noticeably throughout the house. The ECM technology in variable speed blowers allows the unit to run continuously across a wide range of speeds, ensuring constant air circulation and comfort control.

Energy efficiency.

ECM blowers consume as much as 60% less electricity than standard blowers. Most circulate air throughout the house nonstop while using only about as much power as a 100-watt lightbulb. This translates into lower utility costs associated with heating.

Quieter operation.

Tired of the noisy “blast furnace” effect every time a standard blower spools up at 100% speed? The advanced ECM technology in new blowers with variable output circulates air whisper-quietly without the conspicuous on/off cycles.

Improved air quality.

When standard blowers cycle off, air circulation and filtration in the system stops as well. This may allow particulates and odors to accumulate. However, the continuous air circulation provided by a variable blower means air filtration is constant and healthy air quality is maintained.

Greater reliability.

Since the variable speed blower is frequently running at lower RPMs than a standard on/off unit, wear and tear is reduced and units last longer.

For more about the comfort and efficiency benefits of a variable speed furnace blower, talk to the heating experts at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company.