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What Regional Issues Have an Impact on Your Heating Bill?

Arizonans pay some of the highest electricity rates in the country — mainly because of our long, hot summers. When you look at regional heating bills — and in particular, winter gas bills — it’s a different story. The average regional heating bill for residents in the Yuma region, for example, is relatively low.

Cost of Utilities

The average residential electricity bill statewide is about $120 a month, earning Arizona a ranking of 13th nationwide. The cost of utilities in the Yuma area is an average of 17% higher than that of the rest of the country, with the basic bill, including electricity, heating, water, cooling, and garbage for a 915-square-foot apartment, running about $275.00. Most of that cost is for electricity in the cooling months. In Arizona, the average cost of gas for a residence is $83 a month, while the average cost of electricity is $133.

Factors Impacting Your Regional Heating Bill

Yuma’s high temperatures can make our air conditioning bills surge, but our heating costs are mostly low. Yuma is one of the hottest, sunniest cities in the U.S., with scorching summer temperatures that have been recorded at a record high of 124 degrees. There is little rain, so you can expect low humidity, with nights considerably cooler than days, as dry air tends to hold less moisture. This can mean that in the winter, even though our lows on average are only in the low 40s in December and January, we may feel chilly in our homes and need to turn on the heat. We also have the occasional cold front.

Heating Modes That Lower Your Regional Heating Bill 

These days, the cost of gas is relatively low, so if you have gas heating, your regional heating bill should be quite reasonable. But because our winters are so mild, you may want to explore other types of heating, such as solar, ductless mini splits or regular heat pumps. These can save you even more.

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