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Can a Hack Endanger Your Home’s Wireless HVAC System?

All connected devices, including your wireless HVAC system, stand the risk of suffering a cyber attack. Your smart HVAC system is a potential entry point for hackers. Read on to learn more about wireless HVAC and hacks.

HVAC Systems’ Vulnerability to Cyberattacks

Your smart HVAC system connects to the internet for remote control, data gathering, and analytics. This internet access makes the system vulnerable to cyber attacks, posing a serious security threat for your smart home. Cybercriminals can use the HVAC system as a portal to install malware and steal data on your network and the connected devices.

A few years back, hackers broke into Target’s network of payment systems using its HVAC vendor’s network-access credentials. This breach cost the company more than $400 million.

Tips to Ensure HVAC Security When It Comes to Wireless HVAC and Hacks

If you use a home-automation system that interacts with your heating and cooling system or remotely monitors your home-comfort conditions, you should be concerned about HVAC security. Here are some HVAC security tips you can utilize when it comes to wireless HVAC and hacks:

  • Restrict physical access. You can restrict the access an HVAC company has to your home. You may limit physical access to only those places where HVAC technicians should be and offer escorted access to locations with HVAC equipment.
  • Limit access to data. If your HVAC contractor will access your network, make sure your home-automation system is cordoned off from sensitive data and information. Have an automation system that allows you to create user accounts, grant privileges, monitor account activity, and terminate accounts.
  • Work with a company that takes HVAC security seriously. Ask HVAC companies about the policies and procedures they employ to keep your information safe. Hire a company that thoroughly screens employees, monitors them to ensure they’re in compliance, and maintains secure systems and practices.

A data breach can have damaging effects, so be sure to implement tight and reliable HVAC security practices. For more information on wireless HVAC and hacks, contact us at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. We’ve provided reliable HVAC services to homeowners in the Yuma area for more than 60 years.