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Don’t Forget to Change Your Air Filter or You May Regret It

The HVAC air filter is out of sight, and for many homeowners, that means changing it isn’t always uppermost in their minds. But changing your air filter can prevent many of the problems that then require HVAC repairs. Let’s look at some of the problems that simply changing your air filter regularly can help you avoid.

Your air filter is designed to catch small dirt particles that are pulled inside the HVAC with the return air. The denser the filter, the smaller the particles it will catch. When the filter gets dirty, it’s no longer as effective at catching particulates. Furthermore, the airflow is slowed down by the layer of dirt, making the HVAC work harder to do its job. Some of the problems that a dirty air filter can cause include:

  • The system runs hotter as it works harder, increasing friction, so that parts wear out faster. The air handler fan motor is one of the more common parts to fail because of a dirty air filter.
  • The system is working harder to cool or heat, so it’s using more energy — and running up your bill.
  • Dirty filters can result in dirty coils, which prevent the air conditioner from cooling properly. Worst-case scenario: coils freezing and perhaps even compressor failure.
  • Not changing your air filter contributes to dirt buildup inside the HVAC system and the ducts, perhaps necessitating cleaning.
  • A dirty air filter will not help clean your home’s air, so you and your family will be breathing in more pollutants.
  • Your HVAC system will struggle to reach thermostat set points when the filter is dirty, meaning that you won’t be warm or cool enough. You will tend to turn the heating up or the cooling down, thus wasting energy.

Changing your air filter should be according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you have pets who shed or highly dusty conditions, changing your air filter more often is recommended.

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