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How Can Climate Change Impact Your HVAC Unit’s Efficiency?

Those of us who live in warm climates, such as we have in Yuma, certainly have cause to ponder how man’s carbon emissions may be affecting climate change. We use our ACs for much more than half the year. And, when Earth’s temperatures rise, it is likely that we will extend the use of our AC.

Increasing the efficiency of air conditioners is more important than ever as temperatures rise. A more-efficient AC doesn’t use as much energy, and less energy consuption saves you money. Less energy consuption equals less emmisions into our world. We all win.

Ideas on the drawing board for air conditioners of the future, which could reduce man-made climate change, include:

  • Turning AC units in buildings and homes into CO2-capturing machines, which would also transform CO2 into fuel. This fuel could be used to power vehicles that might be hard to power by electricity, such as cargo ships. This concept has been referred to as “crowd oil.”
  • Researchers are working on replacing refrigerant. Research and development is proceeding on a new molecule, known as HFO (hydrofluoroolefins), that breaks down in a shorter time than HFCs.

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