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How Important Is Inside/Outside Temperature Balance?

You turn on the furnace, but even after it’s been running awhile, certain areas are still cold. Issues with temperature balance can impact both your comfort and energy use. Here are some possible issues and tips to achieve better temperature balance.

Poor Airflow

There are several potential causes of poor airflow. Your ducts could be leaking or your ductwork could be poorly designed. Your air filter might be clogged. There may be leaks in your home that allow outside air in. All of these issues affect your airflow and can lead to problems with temperature balance in one or more parts of your house.

To locate potential airflow issues, call your HVAC technician to perform an energy audit on your home. They’ll use an infrared scanner to pinpoint temperature disparities around your home and determine the cause. Then, they can advise you on how to fix them and restore your temperature balance.

House-Design Issues

The problem might not be how air flows through your home but the layout of the house itself. For instance, if you have a multistory home, the upper floors will get warm faster, while the ground floor stays cold. If you have a sprawling, ranch-style house, rooms that are farther from the furnace will take longer to warm up than rooms that are closer to it.

It’s also true that the room with the thermostat is the one by which your whole home’s comfort level is measured. One room may heat up too fast and another too slowly, but if the thermostat says you’ve reached your ideal temperature, those other rooms will stay the way they are.

If your home’s design or structure is causing problems, a zoning system can help you achieve temperature balance. By dividing your home into zones based on each area’s specific temperature needs, you can put a thermostat in each section, allowing each room to reach its ideal temperature without affecting the rest of the house.

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