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The Ductless Mini Split: A Highly Efficient Heat Pump And So Much More

Don’t count yourself alone if you haven’t heard of a ductless mini split. Though popular in Europe, these are a relatively new cooling and heating option in the U.S. that doesn’t require any ductwork to deliver conditioned air. They work like a standard heat pump, with an outdoor condenser/compressor and up to four indoor air handlers, but without the expense and lost space that ducts require. If you have a space in your home that’s hard to condition or are planning to add or retrofit, a mini split offers these advantages:

  • Easy installation. Because ducts aren’t part of the installation, the process goes much faster. A narrow conduit The Ductless Mini Split: A Highly Efficient Heat Pump And So Much Moreconnects the condenser/compressor with the air handler, and the manufacturer installs the refrigerant. After placing the outdoor unit, the technician drills a small hole through the wall to connect the conduit to the air handler. Smaller ductless mini splits use 110-volt outlets, simplifying the wiring. The air handler can sit on the floor or hang from a wall or the ceiling.
  • Energy efficiency. One of the most compelling reasons to install mini splits is their energy efficiency. Since they don’t use ducts, there are no conditioning losses due to duct leaks or thermal losses. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that energy losses through inefficient, uninsulated or leaking ducts can be as high as 30 percent. Since mini splits are usually heat pumps (though some are air conditioners), they have to meet the same minimum efficiency requirements as heat pumps, both for cooling and heating. Higher ratings indicate more efficient performance. Choosing a system with a higher SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) for our hot climate will help you lower energy consumption.
  • Flexibility. Mini splits can support up to four separate air handlers, which makes it easy for you to expand your system in the future. Each air handler has its own temperature settings, ensuring individual comfort and the energy-saving ability to shut off air handlers in unused rooms or areas.

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