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Setting The Balance Point For Heat Pumps Depends On Home Efficiency

Heat pumps are highly efficient heating (and cooling) systems down to around 30 to 38 degrees. The reason heat pump manufacturers cannot provide the balance point for heat pumps to a specific temperature is because the contributing factors that determine the balance point depend upon the energy efficiency of the home in question.

Balance point for heat pumps

The balance point for heat pumps is determined by your home’s heating load and your heat pump’s heating capacity. When your home’s heating load exceeds the heat pump’s heating capacity (in other words, when your heat pump can’t keep up with the cold weather outside), backup electric-resistant heating is activated, and your heating bill goes up and up. The outside temperature at which this occurs is your heat pump’s balance point.

Evaluating the systems in your home

If your home’s envelope isn’t tightly sealed, heat quickly escapes, which pushes the heat pump’s heating capacity to the breaking point, or balance point, much too soon for efficient heating.

A thorough energy evaluation by an HVAC professional, and implementing corresponding energy-efficiency upgrades, are required to lower your heat pump’s balance point. Cracks around windows and doors allow air infiltration. Inadequate attic insulation is a red flag for higher heating bills. Yuma-area homeowners should have no less than 16 inches of insulation installed. Are you using ceiling fans to your advantage all year long? Ceiling fans should pull air up when the heating system is on.

Home efficiency for all seasons

As a homeowner in the Yuma area, you may be wondering what’s so important about a few degrees difference in the balance point during the relatively short heating months here. The answer is – a lot. By sealing up your home to lower the balance point, and reduce heating bills, you’ve also effectively sealed your home to keep the heat out when the long, hot cooling months return.

To enjoy more consistent and comfortable temperatures inside your home, and reduce both heating and cooling costs, setting a lower balance point for heat pumps is the best place to start. Contact Hansberger Refrigeration & Electric Co. for more information. We’ve provided impeccable customer service, and systems support and installation in the Yuma area since 1952.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Yuma, Arizona about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  For more information about heat pumps and other HVAC topics, download our free Home Comfort Resource guide.

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