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Cooling With a Heat Pump: Here’s How

Cooling your Southwest Arizona home with an air source heat pump is a great option since a quality unit will rival the cooling performance of just about any air conditioning system, and yet a heat pump has the capacity to provide heating, at the flip of a switch, for the few months you may need a little extra warmth. Heat pumps are efficient and economical, quiet, easy to operate and maintain, and also result in very little environmental impact.

In Yuma, among the hottest cities in the U.S., indoor air comfort is all about air conditioning. Heat pumps do a good job atCooling With a Heat Pump: Here's How maintaining a cool, even temperature throughout the home. They cool your house gradually and then maintain the desired temperature with little effort, especially when fitted with advanced features such as:

  • Two-stage or scroll compressor
  • Multi-stage or variable speed fan motors
  • Programmable thermostat

Heat pumps cool using a refrigeration cycle very similar to that used by your A/C or kitchen refrigerator. The process is called heat transference, where heat is pumped from one location to another. This is possible because of heat’s natural tendency to always flow to a colder area or object.

A heat pump utilizes copper coils filled with refrigerant both inside and outside your home. A fan blows your home’s hot air across these cold coils that naturally absorb the heat, causing the liquid to vaporize. This vapor is piped outside to your system’s compressor where it’s pressurized and heated to well above ambient outside air temperature.

This super hot vapor is then routed to the outside coils that give up the heat releasing it to the outdoor air with the aid of a the condenser fan. Now cooled, the refrigerant is piped back inside, through an expansion valve that cools it through pressure reduction / evaporation through the indoor coils causing heat absorption/transfer.

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