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Is Your Investment in a High SEER A/C Paying Off the Way It Should?

If you think that simply purchasing a high SEER A/C will help you to save money, guess again. Although a system’s seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) may look good on paper, there are numerous factors that could affect the air conditioner’s actual performance. By taking the time to educate yourself on what to expect from your HVAC contractor during an A/C installation and how to properly maintain your equipment, you can get the most value from your cooling system.

High-quality installations maximize A/C efficiency
Is Your Investment in a High SEER A/C Paying Off the Way It Should?
Air conditioners receive their SEER ratings under controlled factory settings. When a cooling system is installed in the field, however, its efficiency rating can be affected by various factors. Although certain variables, like climate, cannot be changed, there are a few things that your contractor should do to ensure that your system’s SEER remains as high as possible:

  • Measure airflow – Airflow must be measured during A/C installations. Without adequate airflow, the desired temperature change cannot occur across the evaporator coil. This reduces home comfort levels, and the system’s SEER.
  • Precise refrigerant charging – When charging your A/C’s refrigerant, your contractor should follow manufacturer specifications to the letter. Even slight deviations can cause your system to run far less efficiently.
  • Duct evaluation – Leaky air ducts can significantly reduce your air conditioner’s  capacity, leading to uneven household temperatures and higher utility bills. Ask your HVAC professional to evaluate your ductwork for any leaks.
  • Manual J load calculations – An A/C cannot live up to its SEER unless it is properly sized through the use of load calculation tools like Manual J.

Properly maintaining your high SEER A/C

After installation, your air conditioner will need to be well-maintained if you want it to continue running efficiently into the future. Airflow and refrigerant charge should be checked during each annual tune-up. If you notice that your cooling bills are suddenly higher than normal, call your contractor for a professional ductwork and/or energy evaluation.

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