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Furnace Blowing Cold Air? Troubleshooting Tips

No homeowner wants to feel his or her furnace blowing cold air, especially during the coldest weeks of the year. There are several different issues that could be causing your furnace to act this way. Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you find a solution to your furnace blowing cold air:

Furnace Blowing Cold Air? Troubleshooting TipsWhy is the Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

Since most Yuma area residents only use their furnaces for a short time each year, there’s a possibility that you may be overlooking something simple. If your fan is set in the “on” position, you will feel a constant flow of air in the home even when the furnace isn’t operating. Make sure you keep the fan set in the “auto” position so it only runs while the furnace is running, unless you’re using the furnace blower to ventilate your home.

For homeowners with older gas furnaces blowing cold air, the pilot light could be out. You should be able to easily re-light the pilot light to correct the issue. If the pilot light keeps going out, have a professional look at the furnace to see if there’s a bigger problem.

Another possible issue you could be facing for a furnace that starts off heating but then goes cold could be a dirty flame sensor. If this is the case, it may prevent your furnace’s burner from working properly. This is why keeping up with annual maintenance for your furnace is very important.

One quick fix is a circuit breaker that has flipped.  Go to your circuit box, and check the circuit for the furnace. It the switch isn’t positioned like all the others, turn it off and flip it back on. If this is the problem, your furnace should receive power and kick on if the inside temperature is colder than the thermostat setting. You will have to relight the pilot if you have an older furnace.

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