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A Higher Efficiency Air Filter Will Pay Its Way in Your Yuma Home

Dust is a pesky annoyance in most parts of the country. Here in Yuma, however, dust has risen to four times the national average as recently as 2013. Such levels go beyond pesky when it comes to your HVAC system. If allowed to infiltrate your HVAC system, dust will stress the air handler fan motor, increase your energy use and even risk system failure. In our Southwest Arizona summers when the temperature exceed 110 degrees, that can be devastating. High-efficiency filters minimize allergens and protect your equipment from dust damage, though it is important to change or clean filters on a regular basis.

MERV RatingA Higher Efficiency Air Filter Will Pay Its Way in Your Yuma Home

In 1987, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers designed a measurement system to rate air filter effectiveness to assist consumers to determine the correct filter for their home and needs. The scale ranges from 1 to 16 and measures the percentage of particles captured as air passes through the filter. The 16 rating captures approximately 95 percent of particles in a single pass. You might think that the highest rating would be the best to buy, but that’s not necessarily true. A filter that is too dense for the system prevents effective airflow, causing the same issues as a dirty filter. The manufacturer of your HVAC equipment often will recommended the appropriate MERV rating. If you need help determining that information, a qualified HVAC professional can assist you.

Dust in the System

When you replace a dirty air filter and see all the debris, it may seem this is the only place where dirt affects air quality. Unfortunately, that is not true. Dirt accumulates on the fan blades, reducing their efficiency. Molds and allergens accumulate in the ductwork, and create health issues and odors. Dust coats A/C or heat pump coils, reduces cooling capacity and allows frost build-up.


The price of a high-efficiency air filter will be higher than bargain varieties, but the ultimate cost to your system, your energy bills and your comfort is much lower in the end.

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