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Vacation Time? Make Plans for the HVAC, and Other Tips

While vacation time in the summer can be a great deal of fun for the whole family, you can’t just pack up and head out the door if you want your home to be safe. The same goes if you want to avoid spending money that could still be in your pocket while you’re away. Use these tips to make sure your home is ready when you go on vacation:

  • Turn your thermostat up to 85 degrees. You won’t notice the temperature in your home while you’re onVacation Time? Make Plans for the HVAC, and Other Tips vacation, so it doesn’t have to be set to 75 or whatever temperature you prefer. Still, you don’t want to turn your air conditioner completely off during Yuma’s blazing hot summer. The excessive temperatures could damage furniture fixtures, food items and other household items and belongings. Use a programmable thermostat to bring the temperature back to a more desirable setting the day before you come back home.
  • Turn off your main water supply. Chances are that if you’re going to have a leak serious enough to do damage, it’s going to happen while you’re away from home. If your water heater leaks or toilet overflows, that could easily put 50 gallons of water inside your home when nobody’s there to deal with it.
  • Turn up the temperature on your refrigerator before vacation time. Since the door won’t be opening and closing all the time, a higher temperature should still keep your food cool.
  • Take the time to make sure electronics around your home are unplugged. Better yet, put groups of electronics on a surge protector and flip it off each time you leave your home for additional energy savings.

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