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The Importance of Free Airflow in Your Arizona Home

Don’t underestimate the importance of free airflow in your home, even during the mild winter months. Your HVAC system relies on your air’s ability to move easily in and out of your HVAC system year-round to provide the lowest energy bills and the healthiest indoor air.

Air FilterThe Importance of Free Airflow in Your Arizona Home

A clean air filter translates to higher indoor air quality (IAQ) and lower energy bills. Most of the energy your home uses over a year goes towards running your furnace and air conditioner. A dirty filter slows airflow through your air handler and can drive up energy costs, since your system will take longer to reach the thermostat’s setting.


Most of the ductwork in the Yuma area runs through the attic. If your ductwork isn’t insulated or has leaks, not only do you lose airflow inside your home, but your energy consumption will rise appreciably. Conditioned air going through uninsulated ducts can lose heat during the winter and warm up during the summer.

Ductwork leaks drive up energy costs, since the air you’ve paid to heat doesn’t reach its destination. Leaks or breaches in ducts can also pull in dust and dirt particles, degrading IAQ.

Return Air

The return vents for your HVAC system pull air from your home into the air handler where it’s heated or cooled and sent through the ducts. Anything blocking the return vents hinders free airflow through your system. The rule of thumb for estimating the ideal amount of return airflow is to provide one square foot of air return for each ton of air conditioning.

Another way to improve return ventilation is to keep interior doors open. If this isn’t practical, verify that each interior door has a gap beneath it to allow the air handler’s fan to pull air from the room when the door is closed.

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