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Protecting Your A/C Unit From Theft in 5 Easy Steps

Protecting Your A/C Unit From Theft in 5 Easy StepsYour air conditioner’s outdoor condensing unit can be an attractive target for a thief. Its attractiveness stems from the fact that it contains copper, is relatively easy to access and can be dismantled without much effort. A/Cs are expensive appliances to replace, so you should be doing everything you can to prevent yours from being stolen.

How to Protect Your Air Conditioner From Thieves

Following are a few tips on protecting your A/C unit from theft:

  1. Build a cage around the condenser – You can purchase a cage made for this purpose or you can have one made for you. Choose one that’s sturdy enough to provide adequate protection but also allows access so the unit can be inspected and maintained.
  2. Get lighting – The area where the condenser unit is located should be well lit, along with any parts of your yard where thieves may hide. Motion sensor lights are a good idea.
  3. Fence the yard – Fencing may not completely eliminate the possibility of having your unit stolen, but it will make it more difficult to access and steal or dismantle. This simple obstacle may be enough to discourage some thieves.
  4. Install cameras – Cameras may act as a deterrent to a would-be thief, so have them mounted in an obvious location. Beyond the deterrent factor, they may help with the identification of a thief in the event that your air conditioner is stolen.
  5. Get an alarm – A/C alarms go off if the refrigerant line gets cut or develops a leak. These alarms can be connected to your home security system, which can be especially helpful if there’s a problem while you’re away.

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