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Learn the Best Places for Installing the Indoor and Outdoor Parts of a Split Ductless A/C

Learn the Best Places for Installing the Indoor and Outdoor Parts of a Split Ductless A/CDuctless A/C systems are designed to provide energy-efficient supplemental cooling for retrofits, room additions and homes without ducts. However, they must be installed correctly and in the best location to reach peak performance. Read on to learn how to choose the best places to install ductless A/C systems to maximize your home comfort investment.

Installing the Indoor Unit

The indoor cabinet of a ductless A/C contains the evaporator coil, condensate drain, a quiet fan, an air filter and various electrical parts. The cabinet is low profile and can be mounted or recessed into a wall or the ceiling. The cabinet may also be mounted to the floor with brackets.

Following are points to consider for choosing the best location for the indoor unit of your ductless A/C system:

  • Airflow – Whether you choose a high wall, low wall, ceiling or floor mounting, the cabinet should be located so that airflow freely reaches the entire zone (i.e. one or more rooms or areas).
  • Clearance – If you decide on a wall-mounted cabinet, make sure the unit is within two feet of the ceiling. For zones with tall ceilings, the cabinet should be installed about eight feet above the floor.
  • Access – If it’s a coin toss where you would like to install the cabinet, such as high wall or ceiling cassette, consider that you’ll need to access the air filter every one to three months for cleaning.

Installing the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor cabinet contains the condenser coil, a fan and many of the electrical components, such as the capacitor. Following are points to consider for placing the outdoor cabinet:

  • Airflow – Whether you choose a ground mounting or an exterior wall mounting, there should be three feet of clearance from the intake grille and any obstructions to airflow.
  • Shade – The outdoor and indoor cabinets are connected via a narrow conduit, which may extend well over 100 feet. Locate the outdoor cabinet on the north side of your home if possible to shade it from the sun.

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