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Closing Air Vents in Your Home: What You Should Know

Closing Air Vents in Your Home: What You Should KnowSaving money by closing off the air vents in your home may not be the best idea since it backfires more often than not. Whether you’re trying to save money or your home has uncomfortable cold or hot spots, shutting off a room and its registers can harm your HVAC system and increase outdoor air infiltration.

Forced-air heating and cooling systems require a fairly specific amount of air flowing through the air handler and ducts to run efficiently and durably. When you alter the airflow by shutting off ducts, the air pressure in the ducts will increase. It can cause the joints and seams of the ductwork system to loosen, resulting in air leakage that could account for significant energy losses.

In addition, the air pressure in the closed-off room will increase, which creates negative pressure in adjoining spaces. If those rooms have any air leaks in the building envelope, they’ll pull in unconditioned air from the outdoors, increasing discomfort and driving up energy costs.

Better Approaches to Energy Savings

The two most effective ways to manage energy costs and comfort in lieu of closing air vents is to either zone your home or have it air balanced.

  • Zoning systems. The unequal distribution of temperatures throughout homes isn’t uncommon. If your home has two stories, raised ceilings in some spaces, or uneven solar exposure in one area, a zoning system can help. HVAC pros divide the home into separate zones, put each one on its own thermostat, and install motorized dampers in the ductwork. Each zone’s damper opens when the thermostat calls for conditioned air. It saves energy and improves comfort because only the rooms that need conditioning receive the heated or cooled air.
  • Air balancing. Having the air distribution system in a home balanced requires an assessment by an HVAC expert. The team can modify the supply or return ducts to change air flow volume to increase comfort in specific areas.

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