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Xeriscaping: A Low-Maintenance Way to Landscape Around Your A/C Unit

Xeriscaping: A Low-Maintenance Way to Landscape Around Your A/C UnitXeriscaping is a landscaping style that cuts yard maintenance and could decrease your cooling bills. The term comes from the Greek that means “dry” and it’s the most predominant landscape style in the southwest. It uses little to no water while providing an attractive visual element around the outdoor condenser.

Why a Clean Condenser Matters

The condenser performs best when it’s clean and a two-foot area on all its sides has ample airflow. A landscape that minimizes plant debris collecting or growing near the condenser improves circulation. Placing an inorganic ground cover around the perimeter of the condensing unit reduces the sand and dirt that can collect on the coil fins.

It’s important to keep these parts clean because they help dissipate the heat from your home. The large fan inside the condenser pulls air through the coils and fins and if its airflow is obstructed, the cooling process slows, driving up electrical consumption.

Installing a Xeriscape

The ground cover for a xeriscape can be crushed gravel, landscaping rock, or masonry. Suitable plants include those that create little debris, are evergreen and are drought-tolerant, of which there are many in local garden shops. If you use rock or gravel, lay a weed barrier down first, or use a pre-emergent to treat the soil.

When choosing plants, try to avoid bougainvillea, pomegranate and yellow bells, all of which create a lot of plant debris small enough to block some of the air flowing through the condenser. If you’re going to irrigate the area around the condenser, choose a drip system. It won’t create an overspray or splash muddy water on the fins and coil that would hamper the cooling process.

In this arid region, using xeriscaping around your A/C condenser will minimize yard work and keep this essential component for your system running efficiently. To learn more, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company, providing trusted HVAC services for Yuma-area homeowners.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “Scott E. Feuer/Shutterstock”