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What Is Behind the Rise in HVAC Demand Across the Country?

As home comfort and a healthy indoor environment become increasingly important to people in today’s changing world, HVAC demand has steadily increased in response. People are devoting more attention to issues such as air quality, energy efficiency, and lower costs. Expectations are also higher when it comes to the role of technology in maintaining optimum temperature control and convenience. These factors, among others, are driving the growth of HVAC demand that shows no sign of contracting in the near future.

Environmental Improvements

For decades, the standard refrigerant utilized in air conditioners was designated R-22. However, this type damages the upper atmosphere and has been permanently removed from the market. Consumers now have the option to upgrade to new, more efficient and more effective AC units that utilize environmentally safe R-410A refrigerant. These air conditioners also typically include advanced technology that isn’t found in older units, allowing for greater convenience and more options.

Climate Factors

As climate trends seem to fluctuate, homeowners pay more attention to indoor temperature control. Recent hot summers, as well as unusual cold spells during the winter, are also driving increased HVAC demand. Homeowners are interested in replacing aging, marginal cooling and heating components with more reliable and effective systems to keep up with the changing climate.

Rising Operating Costs

Energy prices remain a moving target, making it hard to predict future costs. HVAC demand is rising as consumers view upgrading to more efficient cooling and heating components as an investment in future savings. High-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners save money on lower utility bills from day one and help insulate homeowners from potential future increases.

Alternative Options

Improvements in technology also drive HVAC demand by providing alternatives to the conventional, separate AC and furnace configuration that is standard in many homes. New, highly efficient heat pumps provide effective cooling as well as reliable heating at lower outdoor temperatures than ever before. Ductless mini splits are an increasingly attractive alternative to conventional window units in order to cool and heat individual rooms or spaces with heat-pump efficiency.

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