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What Specific Winter HVAC Checks Do You Need for Your Home?

When you call for HVAC maintenance in the fall, you’ll find that there are some winter HVAC checks that weren’t an issue when you had spring maintenance done. However, you’ll also find that some of the checks are the same in spring and winter. Here’s what you probably need to have looked at in the winter.

Heat Exchanger

A furnace heat exchanger transfers thermal energy created in the combustion chamber to the unit’s exterior. The heat is then distributed through the house by the ductwork. The hot gases created in the combustion chamber are distributed to the heat exchanger, where they heat up the metal walls. Over time, the heat exchanger can develop cracks from repetitive heating and cooling. The heat exchanger may then leak carbon monoxide. For this reason alone, it should be checked every year for cracks.

Gas Flue

Also key among winter HVAC checks is the gas flue. The flue pipe vents combustion and exhaust byproducts from the home to prevent exposure to the occupants of a home. If safely maintained, the flue pipe prevents fires, which might be caused by blockages such as birds’ nests and debris. Rust and/or water streaks can indicate a blockage, which may cause moisture to back up.

Furnace Burners

Furnace burners should be among the items on your winter HVAC checklist. Look for a clean blue flame. A yellow flame means the furnace burners are dirty.

Heat Pump Refrigerant

A heat pump needs the right level of refrigerant to properly heat a home in cooler weather. The refrigerant absorbs heat outdoors and moves it indoors to heat the home. A technician should check refrigerant levels, and if they are low, look for leaks.

Air Handler and Coils

The blower motor amps and the capacitor should be checked in the fall and in the spring. The HVAC tech should also look at coils and the blower wheel.

Electrical System

During fall and spring, an HVAC tech should look for disconnected wires and problems with breakers, as well as circuit board burn marks.

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