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Make Sure Your HVAC Insulation Is Working the Right Way

You certainly appreciate your HVAC system for keeping your Yuma-area home comfortable. At the same time, you want to keep energy bills to a minimum. Considering that the HVAC system uses about half or more of the energy consumed in the average home, it’s a great idea to make sure your HVAC insulation is working properly. Here’s what to know.

Checking HVAC Insulation

Ideally, HVAC insulation should be installed on the ductwork system. The ducts are the network of tubes that carry the conditioned airflow to the rooms of your home. Since ductwork is typically located in the unconditioned spaces of your home — such as crawl spaces, the basement, and/or the attic — the ducts should be insulated to minimize heat gain and loss.

If your ducts are difficult to access, you may be better served having your HVAC technician do the job for you. If you can reach your air ducts, check to see if there is any insulation installed. If there isn’t any insulation, and you don’t have insulated ductwork, you should insulate your ductwork.

HVAC Sealing Before HVAC Insulation

In addition to uninsulated ductwork, another common problem that substantially impacts energy loss is air leaks in the ductwork. In fact, the Department of Energy states that up to 30% of airflow is lost through holes, leaks, and separated ducts.

Before you insulate and cover up the ductwork, make sure the ducts are well sealed to plug any air leaks. The best tools for this job are mastic sealant and metal duct tape. You use a paintbrush to apply the mastic to all duct joints. Or you can wrap the joints with metal tape, mastic method is prefered.

Installing HVAC Insulation

One of the best insulation products to use to insulate ductwork is foil backed fiberglass board or ductwrap. Be sure and tape joints with approved duct wrap tape, then use wire 12″ O.C. wrapped around the duct to support the insulatioin tight to the duct walls for a good seal.

For professional HVAC insulation installation in your Yuma home, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company.