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Your Home’s HVAC Unit Depends a Lot on Duct Efficiency

Your HVAC unit works hard to keep your home comfortable. You also want it to operate efficiently to help keep energy bills at a minimum. Semiannual HVAC maintenance surely helps to a great extent. However, whether your HVAC unit is old or brand-new, it depends on good air duct efficiency for optimal operation. What follows are tips on how you can maximize this in your Yuma-area home.

Duct Efficiency and Thermal Energy Losses

The typical residential air duct system is usually installed outside of the living spaces, within the unconditioned spaces in a home. These spaces may include crawl spaces, basements, walls, and attics. While installing ductwork in unconditioned spaces gives you more living space from the standpoint of square footage, it unfortunately has a negative impact on duct efficiency.

The typical ductwork system is manufactured of thin sheet metal. This allows for substantial thermal energy losses due to heat transfer between conditioned airflow in the air ducts and the unconditioned air surrounding the ducts. To counter heat transfer and higher energy bills, your HVAC technician should install insulation around ducts in unconditioned spaces.

Duct Efficiency and Airflow Losses

Another common culprit that reduces duct efficiency is the loss of conditioned airflow through duct leaks. Leaks typically occur at cracks at duct connections and separated duct connections. Your HVAC technician uses mastic sealant and metal duct tape to seal up duct leaks and separated ducts.

Duct Efficiency and Airflow Restrictions

Blockages or restrictions to conditioned airflow is another common problem that reduces the efficiency of air ducts. Restrictions are usually caused by poor duct design, such as not enough return grilles having been installed and ducts sized incorrectly.

The ideal ductwork system will have an air-return grille installed in every room of a home that has an air-supply vent. So, even if the doors to rooms are closed, there won’t be a restriction to return airflow. Duct size is important, if the ducts are incorrectly sized, they will need to be retrofitted to allow for adaquate and balanced airflow.

For help with duct efficiency in your Yuma-area home, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company to learn more.