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Now That Spring Is Coming, Learn These Important HVAC Tips

While much of the rest of the country looks forward to spring in order to thaw out, in Yuma — the purported hottest city in the United States —  it’s a different story. Spring for us means our temperate winter weather will be fading and temperatures will start warming up. All of that means spring is when you need to pay more attention to your HVAC system.

Below are some HVAC tips for spring to be mindful of.

HVAC Tips for Spring

  1. Change your air filter. Changing your air filter is appropriate in any season, but with the workout our air conditioners get in Yuma, it’s at the top of the list of HVAC tips for spring. A clean filter will help keep your equipment cleaner so that it runs more efficiently, using less energy and cooling or heating your home more effectively.
  2. Perform a do-it-yourself cleanup. Indoors, check to make sure vents are free and clear of furniture, carpets, or anything else that might obstruct intake or outflow of air. If grilles or vents are excessively dirty or dusty, vacuum them. Outdoors, clear away leaves, weeds, tools, and lawn furniture from the condenser. Check the condenser fins for dirt or mud; wash them carefully, using a soft brush.
  3. Check your home for air leaks. Plugging air leaks will keep conditioned air inside and warm air outside so that you’re not wasting energy. One of our most important HVAC tips for spring, fixing air leaks will require adding insulation, caulk, or weatherstripping around baseboards and window and door frames, as well as any opening for wires, pipes, or cables in an exterior wall. Also, install a door sweep at the bottom of doors that lead to the outside.
  4. Upgrade your thermostat. If you’re still relying on an analog or simple digital thermostat, another one of our top HVAC tips for spring is to upgrade to a programmable or digital thermostat in order to save on energy.
  5. Schedule spring preventative maintenance. Your HVAC tech can find potential issues before they become big problems and save you money by preventing breakdowns.

Need more HVAC tips for spring? Contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company.