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Know the Common AC Problems That Crop Up in the Summer

Because air conditioning’s a vital necessity during Arizona summers, certain AC problems are especially unwelcome here. Today’s air conditioners are more reliable, effective, and efficient than ever. Still, like with any mechanical device, wear and tear and other factors sometimes conspire against your household comfort as common AC problems crop up. Fortunately, these issues can usually be readily identified by a qualified, professional HVAC technician, who can apply effective solutions quickly.

We hope you’ll have a cool, comfortable summer. However, if any of the following common AC problems should occur, we’re here for you with fast, responsive service to resolve the issue. Some common AC problems include:

Low airflow.

A dirty air filter strangles system airflow, causing poor cooling performance, higher monthly bills, and even potentially expensive damage to system components. To prevent common AC problems, the system air filter should be replaced monthly. It’s an easy DIY task, but if you don’t know how to replace the filter, one of our field technicians will be happy to demonstrate it.

An overflowing condensate drain pan.

Located beneath the indoor air handler, the drain pan collects many gallons of condensation produced daily by a central air conditioner, then diverts it into a pipe leading to a household drain. Clogs forming in the pan or drain line trigger an overflow that causes water damage in the immediate area. A qualified service technician can remove clogs and clean the drain pan and pipe to ensure proper drainage.

Refrigerant leaks.

The vital chemical that extracts heat from your house, refrigerant continuously circulates between the indoor and outdoor central AC components. Refrigerant leaks cause common AC problems such as declining cooling performance and ice formation on coils. More serious potential issues include damage to the expensive system compressor. Professional service is required to locate and repair these tiny leaks, then restore the system refrigerant charge to proper levels.

Don’t let common AC problems affect your cool comfort and potentially damage system components this summer. Contact the professionals at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company.