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Let an HVAC Zone Control System Call Your Home’s HVAC Shots

How do you control the temperature in your home? Do certain rooms always seem too hot or too cold? Do family members fight over the thermostat settings? There’s a simple solution: Invest in HVAC zone control so your system can make everyone comfortable while saving you money.

What Is HVAC Zone Control?

Your thermostat controls the temperature in your home. Measuring the surrounding area, it signals the HVAC system to kick in if it’s too hot or too cold and to continue running until the room reaches your ideal temperature. The problem is, it only measures that one room. Other rooms in the house heat and cool at different rates. The thermostat in the living room may say things are perfect while the top-floor bedrooms are still too warm and the rec room in the basement is now too chilly.

HVAC zone control remedies this by dividing the house into separate areas, called zones, according to their temperature needs. Each zone gets its own thermostat, and whoever’s in the room can choose what temperature they want things to be. Your HVAC system will then heat or cool each room separately, according to its needs, without affecting the comfort level of any of the other zones.

How Does HVAC Zone Control Save Money and Energy?

A regular HVAC system, as it heats or cools a single area, continues sending air to other rooms long after they’ve reached their ideal temperature. With HVAC zone control, however, the system self-adjusts, sending only as much air to each room as is needed. Using a variable-speed air handler, it reduces the air to an area when it’s closer to the ideal temperature.

You can even tell when certain areas aren’t in use. So if everyone is in the living room watching TV, the system doesn’t send as much air to the bedrooms or the kitchen. By reducing the amount of air used, you can save energy and lower your bills.

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