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What Is the Best Temp to Set AC at During the Summer Months?

The best temp to set the AC thermostat at this summer should provide cool comfort on hot days while also keeping monthly operating costs affordable. In the past, manual thermostat settings were often readjusted multiple times in 24 hours, making indoor temperatures swing noticeably from too cool to too warm and back again.

Programmable thermostats have helped eliminate thermostat fine-tuning and maintain more consistent indoor temperature control and lower operating costs. However, it’s still important to choose a programmed temperature setting appropriate for the specific season and the needs of the household. How do you decide what it should be?

Here are some basic guidelines for the best temp to set the AC thermostat:

  • While no single exact temperature setting is written in stone nor pleases everyone, studies show that settings within a narrow range can keep most people comfortable while also supporting maximum air-conditioner efficiency.
  • The best temp to set the AC at is also dependent on occupancy at specific times of the day. If the house is empty during certain hours, the programmed temperature may take that into account.
  • Most experts agree that the best temp to set the AC at is at or within a few degrees of 78 degrees. This is most appropriate for most persons when the house is occupied. Air conditioners are also engineered to operate most effectively and with optimum energy efficiency in that range.
  • If the house is regularly unoccupied during daylight hours, the best temp to set the AC thermostat can be increased to 85 degrees. Caveat: If you have pets in the house, keep them in mind.
  • Shutting off the air conditioner entirely during daylight hours when nobody’s home is not recommended. Studies show that allowing the AC to cycle on and off normally, maintaining the higher setting of 85 degrees throughout the day, actually consumes less energy and imposes less wear and tear on the system than coming home and running the unit nonstop to cool down a severely overheated house.

For more information about the best temp to set the AC at this summer, talk to the air-conditioning pros at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company.