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What Are the Best HVAC Filters to Use During the Summer?

Yuma’s dry summer air means higher levels of certain airborne pollutants outside, but the best HVAC filters for the season help you keep these pollutants from doing too much damage to your indoor air quality.

Particulate Air Filters

Summer weather leaves more dust, soot, smoke, and other particulate pollution lingering in the air. A cheap fiberglass HVAC filter protects your heating and cooling system from debris like this, but it won’t clean your air. For cleaner air, you’ll need a filter with a MERV rating of at least 6. For most homes, the best HVAC filters for summer are cotton or polyester pleated filters of MERV 8 to 10. A MERV 8 filter traps almost 85% of particles down to 3.0 microns.

If you have asthma or another respiratory condition, choose a filter of MERV 11 to 13, which traps up to 90% of particles down to 3.0 microns and almost as many particles down to 1.0 micron. Higher MERV filters create more air resistance, which can damage some older systems, so consult a professional before installing any filter with a MERV above 8.

Activated Carbon Filters

Stagnant air on hot, sunny days means more ground-level ozone pollution. This gas, a major component of smog, can cause breathing difficulties and even lead to long-term respiratory issues. Because ozone is a gaseous pollutant, standard particulate filters can’t stop it. To deal with this pollutant, you’ll need a filter that can absorb gases. The best HVAC filters for that job are activated carbon filters, which also absorb odor-causing compounds from the kitchen and bathroom.

These come in two main forms: pre-filters made for use in combination with particulate filters and particulate filters with added carbon that can be used on their own. When you choose a filter, pay attention to the amount of carbon it contains. The more carbon in the filter, the more effective the filter is at trapping gaseous pollutants.

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