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What to Do With Your HVAC Outside Unit in the Summer

Your Yuma home can quickly heat up in summer if your air conditioner isn’t running properly. Taking care of your HVAC outside unit is an important part of ensuring you have dependable AC all summer long. Keep the following tips in mind to maintain your HVAC outside unit for the season.

Get Rid of Debris

Debris around your HVAC outside unit can restrict airflow, which can damage the system’s compressor or cause other problems. Your outdoor unit should be free of debris on all sides. This involves removing any weeds that are growing around it, as well as trimming bushes and trees that are close to it. You should also keep grass around it mown and remove twigs, leaves, and other debris on a regular basis. Your outdoor unit should have about 2 feet of clear space on all sides to ensure proper airflow.

Clean the Unit

Dirt and debris can build up inside your HVAC outside unit, as well as on its outer surface. Removing this buildup can help keep your air conditioning running smoothly and efficiently. Make sure you turn power off to your HVAC system before cleaning the outdoor unit. Remove any debris that’s on the unit and use the soft-brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner to gently clean the condenser fins without bending them. Wipe down the outside of your outdoor unit and spray a coil cleaner on it. Let the cleaner sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off. Remember to turn power back on to your HVAC system when you’re done cleaning it.

Schedule Maintenance

Professional HVAC maintenance is a highly effective way to keep your HVAC outside unit in good condition. Have technicians perform routine maintenance on your HVAC system, including the outdoor unit, once or twice a year. This helps cut down on developing major problems with your HVAC system.

If you need maintenance for your HVAC outside unit, please contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. Our technicians can help you keep your HVAC system in good condition for reliable air conditioning in your Yuma home all summer long.