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Find Out How to Clean AC Condenser Coils the Right Way

Just like other mechanical devices, your air conditioner requires basic cleaning to function optimally. Dirt buildup on the surfaces of your AC condenser coil reduces the coils’ ability to release the heat captured from your home’s indoor air to the outside. The long-term health of your air conditioner is negatively affected as a result. You may, therefore, want to learn how to clean AC condenser coils.

DIY vs. Professional Cleaning

AC manufacturers recommend having your condenser coils cleaned by an HVAC professional. Professionals have the necessary training needed to maintain AC coils correctly for longevity and efficiency.

One reason why DIY cleaning isn’t recommended is because of delicate parts like the coil fins and fan motor that you can easily damage during DIY cleaning. What’s more, in addition to inspecting and cleaning the coils during a maintenance visit, a professional will also test the whole system to ensure it’s running at optimal performance.

How to Clean Condenser Coils Correctly

Depending on the model of your AC system and how to clean AC condenser coils in that particular unit, your service professional may have to remove the outdoor unit’s top and outer casing to access the condenser coils. He or she will then inspect the coils to determine the most appropriate method for cleaning them while taking the manufacturer’s recommendations into consideration.

Your HVAC technician will use cleaning solutions that meet your AC model’s specifications. He or she may blow compressed air through the condenser coils in the opposite direction to airflow during normal use. This pushes the air from the cleaner side to the dirtier side. He or she will also blow straight through the unit’s fins (not at an angle) to avoid bending them.

Your service professional can then remove unwanted debris from your unit with a shop vac. This mostly gets rid of loose, surface materials. For stubborn debris buildup, your technician may follow up with a commercial cleaner or household detergent. This is all part of how to clean AC condenser coils.

By having your condenser coils cleaned the right way, you’ll maintain AC efficiency, save money, and extend your air conditioner’s life span. For more information on how to clean AC condenser coils or any other parts, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. We provide AC service and repair to homeowners in the Yuma area.