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What Are the Noticeable Signs Your Refrigerator Is Dying?

Is your refrigerator running? Even if it is, it might not be for much longer. It’s important to recognize the signs your refrigerator is dying. If it breaks down unexpectedly, especially in the middle of summer, it can be disastrous. Here are a few signs your refrigerator is dying — meaning you should start looking for a new one now.

  • Food is spoiling. If certain foods, particularly milk and dairy products, are going bad before the expiration date, that means the temperature likely isn’t low enough to keep them fresh. First, check your fridge’s temperature settings and turn them down a bit. Then check the seal to see if warm outside air is seeping in. Replace it if necessary. If neither of these things works, call for a repair.
  • Motor problems. Can you hear your refrigerator’s motor from across the room? That means it’s using too much energy. Another one of the signs your refrigerator is dying is if you put your hand behind the fridge (don’t actually touch the coil) and feel an uncomfortable amount of heat coming off of it. Both of these things indicate that your motor is overworked. Try cleaning the coils with a vacuum cleaner. If this doesn’t work, you may need to replace the motor.
  • Frost. Is frost building up in your freezer? It’s supposed to have a built-in frost sensor to prevent this, so if it happens, that means something is wrong. Ask your technician to take a look.
  • Condensation. If there’s a buildup of moisture inside the fridge, it can cause mold. This is harmful anywhere, but it’s especially troublesome around food. Call your repair technician immediately.
  • Age. If your refrigerator is more than 10 years old, even if it’s working fine now, it’s probably due for replacement soon. Keep an eye on it and be ready. If you notice you’ve been calling for repairs more frequently lately, you’ll save both money and hassle by just replacing it now.

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