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Is a Garage Fridge Freezer Combo a Good Idea for Summer?

In a time when long-term food storage seems like a sensible idea, many people wonder if a garage fridge freezer combo is the right choice — particularly in summer months. Certainly there are advantages to freezing food in larger amounts than what can be stored in the freezer portion of your regular kitchen refrigerator. And, in many homes, the garage is often the space where it makes the most sense to install a unit that’s considerably larger than most other appliances. However, like any major purchase, there are certain caveats to consider before making the decision to invest in a garage fridge freezer combo.

  • How hot is too hot? Freezers are designed to operate efficiently in a certain temperature range. Heat gain inside a garage here in southern Arizona may cause temperatures to rise to 100 degrees or higher. This generally exceeds the recommended range and causes the unit to run excessively long cycles to maintain freezing temperatures. At the minimum, this can make monthly utility bills climb noticeably. Also, the excess wear and tear on freezer components like the compressor may cause early failure of the unit.
  • Is the garage insulated? Heat gain in summer affects garages. Insulation helps keep that heat out. Before installing a garage fridge freezer combo, consider adding insulation to the garage ceiling and walls. In most cases, adding insulation to a garage is not difficult, as the wall and roof structure is more accessible. Also, the entire garage door should be insulated as well. As an alternative to insulating the whole garage, you may construct an insulated cabinet and install the freezer inside.
  • Is an “outdoor” refrigerator a garage refrigerator? When units are advertised as outdoor refrigerator/freezers, the term means that the fridge is weather-resistant against outdoor moisture, such as rain and high humidity. It does not mean that the unit is designed to function in excessively high temperatures, such as an unconditioned Arizona garage during the summer, nor in low temperatures in the freezing range.

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