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Can Freezers Be Kept Outside of Your Home?

A chest freezer is an excellent appliance to have if you like buying or storing large quantities of food and/or you have a large family. Unfortunately, its size may make it difficult to set it up indoors. As a result, the outdoors may look mighty appealing. But can freezers be kept outside? Read on to learn more.

What Happens When Freezers Are Kept Outside?

Some freezers are made for indoor use only. However, many freezers are designed to withstand temperature fluctuations and extreme conditions. You can keep such freezers outside or in a garage. However, the extreme Yuma heat can make a freezer that you’ve kept outside work harder to keep food fresh and cool. Consequently, the freezer can wear down prematurely, as well as cause high energy bills, meaning the question of can freezers be kept outside may vary depending on the outside temperature.

Can Freezers Be Kept Outside? Useful Tips.

The useful life and performance of your freezer and the question of can freezers be kept outside will depend on how you protect it from temperature extremes, water, and wind damage. Therefore, if you’ll keep your freezer outside, you should provide enough shade and cover to protect it from the sun and rain.

The condenser, which removes heat from inside the freezer, requires free circulation of air to disperse the heat. Therefore, you should ensure your freezer has good ventilation around it by not pushing it up hard against a wall or a tight spot.

Leaves, foliage, garbage, and other debris can pose a fire risk. Be sure to inspect your freezer regularly for damage such as leaks and get rid of the debris in the area around it. You can also consider installing a freeze stat to cut off power to your freezer at preset temperatures.

Besides following the tips above, remember to keep the freezer outside only if the unit is designed to withstand outdoor conditions. For more information about freezers in the Yuma area, contact the heating and cooling experts at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company.