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Are Industrial Refrigerators Useful in Residential Homes?

In recent years, more and more households have been turning to commercial kitchen equipment. When it comes to using industrial refrigerators in residential homes, there are some pros and cons that homeowners should be aware of. Let’s break down what to expect if you decide to have a commercial refrigerator in your home kitchen.


Industrial fridges are usually designed to store larger quantities of food than residential units. Therefore, they can be ideal for people who need more storage than the average family.

For example, if you run a business from your house that involves cooking, you have a large family, or you are the hub of your neighborhood or social network, you may find the massive space that a commercial refrigerator gives you to be highly beneficial.

Noise Levels

Industrial refrigerators tend to be significantly louder than residential fridges. Their cooling motors or compressors are designed to cool the units as quickly — rather than as quietly — as possible. The poorer insulation also results in more sound leakage. However, some commercial models operate more quietly than others.

Energy Efficiency

Commercial fridges are designed to endure the operations of businesses. Because of their build, they’re not particularly efficient. Therefore, you can expect your energy bills to increase slightly if you use a commercial fridge in your kitchen.


The warranty on industrial refrigerators does not cover home use. If anything went wrong, you’d have to pay for professional repair or service because the manufacturer would only honor the warranty if you used the fridge in a commercial setting. Fortunately, commercial refrigerators have a much tougher build than domestic units to prevent downtime that would cost businesses significant losses.

If you still want to purchase a commercial fridge after learning its drawbacks, you need to go for a model with low energy consumption and noise levels. For more professional advice on investing in industrial refrigerators, contact us at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. We offer a wide variety of heating and cooling services to homeowners in the Yuma area.