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Know the Most Environmentally Friendly Ductwork You Can Get

Healthy ductwork is essential to an efficient HVAC system. It helps ensure proper airflow through your home, as well as reduces heat loss, both of which serve to lower your energy bills and your carbon footprint. However, even if your ductwork is efficient, the ducts themselves still might not be environmentally friendly. Here’s how green ductwork is a great option for your home.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

Your ducts are typically made from steel, aluminum, or other sheet metals, all of which are fairly safe. However, the insulation around your ductwork is another story. Duct insulation is most commonly made of fiberglass. Fiberglass can release VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which are harmful to the environment — and to your respiratory system. The ducts and insulation may also be treated with fire-retardant chemicals, such as formaldehyde, which is harmful as well.

Green ductwork is designed to address these issues. Green ductwork refers to any ductwork designed with the environment in mind. It can include a variety of different recycled and recyclable materials.

The insulation can be made from materials such as cotton, wool, or denim. For fire retardation, hydrogels make a more environmentally friendly coating than the usual chemicals. They’re largely water-based, and they don’t have VOCs. These green materials also reduce the risk of mold growth in your ductwork, giving you cleaner air and a healthier home.

Duct Sealing

In addition to green materials, it’s important to make sure your ducts are properly sealed. Even a small leak can reduce your airflow, causing energy losses of up to 30%. Check your ducts for holes and other damage, along with sections where the ductwork may have separated.

You can seal these leaks using metal tape or mastic sealant (not duct tape). If you use tape, make sure it’s made from recycled materials. For sealant, make sure it’s eco-friendly and doesn’t use harmful chemicals. You can also call your HVAC technician to ensure the repairs are green.

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