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How Many Industrial Refrigerators Does Your Business Need?

In many businesses, proper storage of goods and stock is an essential part of doing business. However, if your company handles perishable goods, foods, and beverages, you’re going to need something more advanced than a simple storeroom. Industrial refrigerators are a practical solution for your cold-storage needs whether you work in food service, the bar industry, or you simply need to store items in a cold environment. Here is a brief overview of what makes these refrigerators unique and how to roughly calculate how many you need.

Industrial Refrigerators

Many businesses try to save money by buying the same type of refrigerator you would use in your home. You should avoid this practice in your business for several reasons. Buying an industrial model means you have a refrigeration unit that offers more storage space, greater power, more temperature options, and more consistent cooling. In addition, refrigerators designed for use in the home often lack the durability of a commercial model and are not designed to be used in a business setting. This results in reduced performance and an increase in replacement and upkeep costs.

Calculating How Many — and What Type — of Industrial Refrigerators You Need

When buying refrigeration equipment, it’s important to have a general idea of what types of units you need and how many. The unit type will depend entirely on your business needs, as options include walk-in models, reach-in refrigerators, evaporators, chillers, and more. To calculate how many units you need, consider your storage requirements, how much stock you carry, the size of your customer base, and average sale totals within a specific time frame.

When You Need the Best in Cold-Storage Solutions

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