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How You Can Control Your HVAC System via Smartphone App

Controlling your heating and cooling system has never been easier. With a smart thermostat, you can adjust your settings from anywhere using your smartphone. However, you first need an app to control it. Then you need to figure out how that app works. Depending on your system, it’s not always a simple task. Fortunately, you have options. Here’s what you need to know about smartphone HVAC apps.

Basic Smartphone HVAC Options

In most cases, when you buy a smart thermostat, there will be a specific app associated with it, along with instructions for where to download it and how to link your phone to the device. However, if the built-in app proves to be too complicated or not very user-friendly, there are a few generic apps you can download. They’re easy to use, and they’ll work with most popular thermostat brands.

ASmart Remote IR keeps its functions simple: on and off, and temperature up or down. You can also save your preferred temperatures to access them more easily. The Tado Smart Air Conditioner App, meanwhile, can learn your preferences and adjust to them automatically, so it saves energy by shutting off when no one is home.

Deluxe Smartphone HVAC Options

If you want more control over your HVAC system, there are some smartphone HVAC apps with fancier options. Geofencing, for instance, tracks your phone’s GPS in order to tell when you’ve left the house. When it senses you’ve traveled a certain distance from home, it shuts your system off automatically. It can then turn it back on again when it senses you’re on your way back home so a comfortable house is waiting for you.

You can also set your app to monitor your air filter, showing how full it is and alerting you when it needs to be replaced. It can likewise give you periodic reports on your energy usage and tips for how to use less. With the right controls, your smartphone can help you save energy while keeping your home comfortable.

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