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Why You Should Clean the Space Heaters in Your Home

Do you clean your space heaters regularly? And by regularly, we mean not just at the beginning of the heating season but a couple of times thereafter?

Chances are that throughout the Yuma winter, you probably open your windows when the temperature is moderate, allowing dust to get inside your home. Among the places the dust is likely to settle is on space and baseboard heaters.

You might wonder if dust on these heaters is such a big deal. It can be for these reasons:

  • Dust is unsightly, giving your home a look as if no one is taking care of things.
  • Dust gives off a bad odor when you turn on the heater.
  • Dust can make space heaters operate less efficiently.
  • Dust may cause fires.

Here’s how you can clean your space or baseboard heaters and prevent any problems.

Cleaning Space Heaters

There are many types of heaters, so follow these instructions as you can.

  1. Turn the heater off and allow it to cool. Unplug it.
  2. Using a clean, damp microfiber duster, wipe dust off the surface. Let the surface dry.
  3. Remove the cover if the heater has one. Using a compressed air duster, spray the inside to remove dust and debris. Spray the vents and slats with the nozzle of the duster.
  4. Vacuum with a brush attachment gently. Avoid contact with the wires. Use the narrow nozzle attachment for tight spaces. Clean vents with the brush.
  5. Wipe the interior with a slightly damp sponge. You can rub gently at sticky, dirty film. If your heater has a nonremovable cover, skip this step.
  6. Clean the cover if you removed it. Use the brush attachment to tackle dust between fins. Replace the cover before you turn the heater back on.

Additional tips:

  • Always wear a mask when cleaning your heaters, particularly if you have dust allergies.
  • Don’t spray the heaters with water from a spray bottle. A damp sponge or cloth will do the job.

For more tips on cleaning your space heater or baseboard heaters, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company of Yuma.