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Learn Whether a Motion-Activated HVAC Is a Good Option

motion-activated HVACYuma’s hot climate can result in high cooling expenses putting a dent in your budget. Avoid cooling empty rooms by using motion-activated HVAC systems, which may help you lower your utility bills. Let’s take a closer look at what these systems have to offer.

How Motion-Activated HVAC Systems Work

Motion-activated air conditioners have motion sensors installed in different parts of your house. The sensors trigger the air conditioner to start running when anyone enters the room. When combined with mini-split AC systems, the sensors allow your HVAC system to change the temperatures of specific zones or even individual rooms. For example, the living room may be cool and comfortable when the whole family is there and less cool when everybody moves to a different area of the house.

Motion-activated systems can comprise an HVAC system tied to an on/off switch and a movement sensor. More-recent systems utilize a combination of a smart thermostat and motion sensors to provide an uninterrupted cooling experience at night when motion is minimal because everyone is asleep.

Factors to Consider

Motion-activated air conditioning provides several benefits, such as:

  • Lower energy costs because your air conditioner doesn’t cool the areas that don’t need constant cooling
  • Less HVAC wear and tear due to the system running less frequently

However, if you have a motion-activated AC system, your house may not be as cool as you’d like it to be at certain times, such as when you come back home from work. You may have to walk in and have the sensors detect you before your air conditioner comes on. You can consider a system whose manufacturer provides a smartphone app that you can use to precool your home just before you return home.

If your family members move from room to room often, a system that provides custom timing will be beneficial. Custom timing will help prevent your air conditioner from being triggered too frequently.

Motion-activated technology works excellently when paired with mini-split systems. Therefore, it’s advisable to consider whether a mini-split AC system will fit well in your home.

An HVAC professional can provide more assistance in selecting the ideal AC system for your home. If you have questions about motion-activated HVAC systems, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. We handle all the HVAC needs of homeowners in the Yuma area.