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What Are the Top Refrigeration Systems Currently Available?

top refrigeration systemsBuying a new refrigeration system can be a difficult proposition. There are so many to choose from. What kind do you need? Here are some of the top refrigeration systems and what they’re used for.

  • Mechanical compression. When it comes to the top refrigeration systems, this type is the most popular, used in both industrial and commercial refrigeration, as well as AC. Refrigerant is expanded into a gas, allowing it to absorb heat from the surrounding air. It’s then mechanically compressed back into a liquid so it can release the heat again. As cooling methods go, it’s effective and efficient.
  • Absorption. Similar to compression systems, the main difference is that, once the refrigerant has absorbed the surrounding heat, it’s then transferred into an absorbing liquid, such as water. It’s a lower-energy method of both heating and cooling, and it pairs well with solar and geothermal systems. It’s also commonly used in industrial cooling processes and for heating and cooling large buildings.
  • Evaporative cooling. Also called swamp cooling, this method has been used for centuries, and it’s great for dry climates such as Arizona. Warm air passes over a wet membrane. As the water evaporates, it absorbs the heat. When used to cool your home, the water vapor disperses into the air. In refrigeration, swamp cooling is done in a closed system, allowing the water vapor to be reclaimed and recondensed to be used again.
  • Thermoelectric. Unlike the other top refrigeration systems on this list, thermoelectric refrigeration systems use electric current rather than refrigerants. Two wires are connected at both ends, and an electric current is run through a thermocouple. One end of the wires becomes hot and the other end becomes cold. The two ends are insulated from one another, so one end can be used for cooling and the heat at the other end can be vented out. This method is typically used for small refrigeration jobs such as in electronics.

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