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Ensure That You’re Running Efficient AC This Spring

Efficient ACAir conditioning is one of the survival essentials in Yuma. Having an efficient AC system is certain to make your wallet heavier. Below are some ways to help your current AC unit run more efficiently and lower your costs.

Close Doors and Windows

Your home’s conditioned air can escape freely to the outside if you leave your windows or doors open. That can cause severe inefficiencies. If you’d like to air out a space, turn off your AC unit first.

Fix Air Leaks

Air leaks also allow your home’s cool air to flow outside, resulting in lost efficiency. They often cause the air conditioner to run longer than necessary. Eventually, that increases your utility costs. Make sure you plug the leaks in your attic, under your doors, or around windows to help ensure efficient AC.

Keep Your Windows Covered

Keep your blinds or curtains closed when direct sun is hitting your windows. That helps prevent some of the sun’s heat from getting into your home and causing the air conditioner to work too hard.

Shade Your Outdoor Condenser

Heat can make your outdoor condensing unit work harder to cool your house. If you provide shade for your unit Make Sure you don’t block the airflow. Plants and anything else that can impede airflow should be at least 2 feet away from the unit.

Don’t Control the Temperature Using Registers

Opening and closing the registers in some rooms for temperature control affects the cooling load that the AC system is supposed to cool. Over time, it could cause serious damage. Leave registers open to maximize AC efficiency. Install a zoning system if you want specialized temperature control in every room.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance to Maintain Efficient AC

An excellent way to maximize your AC system’s efficiency is to schedule spring preventive maintenance. Your HVAC professional will check your system to ensure everything is functioning correctly and that there are no serious efficiency issues.

An efficient AC system not only saves money but also lasts longer. Contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company if you need AC installation, repair, or maintenance services in the Yuma area.