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Know How to Prevent AC Condensation on Your Ducts in Summer

AC CondensationAC condensation can be a nuisance and may be a symptom of larger issues in your HVAC system.  Condensation is simply the liquid that naturally appears when moist, warm air contacts a cool surface, causing water vapor in the air to condense into liquid. A familiar and annoying example is when warm indoor air meets the colder air-conditioning vents in rooms. Condensation may form and can be seen dripping from the vent, soaking the carpet below.

However, issues related to AC condensation may be more troublesome than a wet carpet.  Here are some other possible consequences:

  • Mold and mildew growth may occur inside room vents that are chronically wet from condensation. This can be the source of odors and can even present health concerns.
  • Water-stained ceilings can occur when hot, moist attic air contacts the cooler surface of ductwork during AC season. Water runs off ducts and soaks into the ceiling.
  • Rusting and corrosion of metal HVAC ductwork due to condensation causes air leakage. Cooling costs rise, and AC wear and tear due to longer cycles is accelerated.
  • A soggy system air filter no longer properly filters circulating air.

While AC condensation can never be entirely eliminated inside a house, controlling the causes using the methods below helps eliminate the more serious consequences.

  • Use portable dehumidifiers in rooms where condensation on AC vents is an ongoing problem.
  • Insulating HVAC ducts installed in the attic keep cool duct surfaces from contacting hot, humid attic air and triggering condensation. Duct-wrap insulation that’s available to fit common ductwork sizes and shapes can prevent moisture formation.
  • In an older home, have ductwork checked for leakage that may release cold air into the attic or inside wall cavities. This may form condensation where the leak occurs.
  • Ducts contaminated with mold or mildew due to condensation should be professionally cleaned and disinfected.
  • During summer cooling season, change the HVAC air filter monthly to ensure maximum airflow.

If you’re dealing with AC condensation issues, let the experts at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company suggest effective, affordable solutions.