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Watch Out for These AC Noises in Your Home During the Summer

Watch Out for These AC Noises in Your Home During the SummerIt’s normal for your indoor air handler and outdoor air-conditioning unit to produce humming sounds when operating normally. However, some loud AC noises may signal AC issues that require professional repair services. Listen for the following troublesome AC noises this summer.


It’s normal to hear a fast clicking noise when you first start up or shut down your air conditioner. However, clicking while your air conditioner is running could be a sign of an electrical problem or a dying thermostat. It’s best to have your whole unit checked if you notice a repeating clicking sound as your system runs.


A banging or rattling sound often results from a loose or broken part and is one of the more common AC noises. You may hear a rattling noise if your indoor blower fan has loose blades. Banging from your compressor may be due to loose components outside or inside it, such as a connector rod or a piston pin. Call an HVAC professional right away when you hear a banging noise.


You’ll hear a squealing sound as your AC system first starts, but it usually lasts 10 to 15 seconds. Loud squealing may be a sign of high internal pressure or a fan belt that’s loose or worn out. Contact a professional to ensure the problem doesn’t get bigger and more expensive.


Buzzing from your outdoor AC unit may indicate a faulty condenser fan or compressor or worn-out rubber feet on the condenser. Your indoor unit could produce buzzing noises because of frozen evaporator coils. An HVAC technician will help you pinpoint the cause of the problem.


A hissing noise typically indicates a refrigerant leak within your AC system. Refrigerant leaks require repair by technicians licensed to handle refrigerants. Hissing could also be an early sign of high pressure in your compressor and could occur before loud squealing.

Recognizing these AC noises can help you identify problems before they become costlier to fix. If you need AC repair services in the Yuma area, don’t hesitate to call the experienced cooling professionals at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. We have more than 428 combined years of experience.