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Why and How to Do an Air Quality Test in Your Home

Air Quality TestHomeowners are becoming more attuned to indoor air quality, especially since the word is out that indoor air tends to be much more polluted than outdoor air. But is your IAQ so poor that you need an air quality test? Probably not. Besides, there is no one air quality test that covers every conceivable indoor air pollutant.

However, if someone in your household is having problems that you think might be associated with poor IAQ, there are a few monitors available and measures to take that should make things better.

What Type of Pollutants Are in Your Air?

A number of airborne pollutants are typically found in most homes, such as:

  • Pollen
  • Pet dander
  • Mold spores
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Insect particles, such as dust mites
  • Dust

Further, there might also be more serious pollutants such as radon gas, which wafts up from the ground under the house, and small amounts of carbon monoxide from fuel-burning appliances.

How to Test for Various Pollutants

As stated above, there is no one air quality test for all these pollutants, but here are some solutions if you have pinpointed certain concerns about airborne pollutants.

  1. Carbon Monoxide. You may already have a monitor that keeps track of CO emissions in your home. If not, these are not expensive and work well to ensure CO in your home stays below dangerous levels. Make sure batteries are changed or that whatever source of power you use to run them is working. Test this device regularly.
  2. Radon. This odorless, tasteless gas will not hurt you in the short term but can cause cancer in the long term. Use a test kit from a home store to see if your levels are a problem.
  3. Mold. There is no reliable test for mold spores, but signs you might have a problem are leaky plumbing and a damp smell, as well as mold patches in kitchen, bathroom, or where the ceiling has been leaking. Fix the source of mold and then clean up these areas.
  4. Air-Quality Monitors. These not only test for CO but also VOCs and other particulate matter.

For more on doing an air quality test, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company.