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Learn What to Look for Regarding Home HVAC Installation

HVAC InstallationWhen it comes to HVAC installation of a new unit, you can enjoy more effective cooling or heating as well as enhanced energy efficiency that lowers monthly costs. If the old unit you’re replacing was past its prime, the new components will deliver greater reliability, too, including a new warranty.

A new HVAC installation brings with it a number of issues to keep in mind as the process goes forth, including:

  • It’s a job for professionals. HVAC installation, especially when it comes to new equipment, should be handled only by a licensed HVAC contractor and technicians with proper certifications to do the job right. A substandard installation can result in lower efficiency and higher operating costs, as well as malfunctions and expensive repairs for as long as you own the unit.
  • Get the right size. In HVAC terminology, “sizing” refers to matching the cooling or heating output of a new AC or furnace to specific characteristics of the home. Guesstimates aren’t good enough. Your HVAC contractor will take into account such factors as the amount of insulation in the house, how airtight the structure is, daily exposure to sunlight, and a number of other variables, then calculate the precise BTU capacity of the HVAC unit required to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency in the house where it will be installed.
  • Ductwork matters. Connecting a brand-new AC or furnace to aging, leaky ductwork can negate many of the advantages and improvements you expect from new components. A careful ductwork inspection that includes a pressure test can determine the amount of air leakage. If required, a qualified HVAC contractor can offer options to seal ductwork and restore proper airflow throughout the house, as well as maximum cooling/heating performance and efficiency.
  • Register the warranty. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s requirements to register the system warranty on any new HVAC components installed in the home. Usually, registration must be done within a specific time frame after installation. In many cases, the HVAC contractor may handle warranty registration for you, but you should verify this at the time of installation.

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