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Do You Know How to Get Rid of Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home?

No matter what, your home just can’t seem to get comfortable. The temperature in the living room is cool; maybe even cold. In the bedrooms, though, it’s barely lukewarm, and at the back of the house, it’s still hot. How do you eliminate these hot and cold spots and get an even temperature throughout your home? Here are some possible solutions.


Different areas of your home have different heating and cooling needs. Heat rises, so if you have multiple floors, the top level will be hotter than the bottom. Additionally, if your home has south-facing windows, that area will get more direct sunlight during the day, making it hotter.

A zoning system divides your home into sections based on individual heating and cooling needs and puts a separate thermostat into each section so everyone can set the temperature to their individual preferences. Dampers in the system will then redirect the air where it’s needed, resulting in a more uniform temperature, eliminating hot and cold spots and saving energy in the process.


Differing temperature requirements are only one possible reason for hot and cold spots in your home. There are a variety of potential problems with your system that may be making your home uncomfortable.

Air leaks can cause drafts, resulting in cold spots in winter or letting the heat in during the summer. Likewise, ductwork leaks can reduce your airflow, making it more difficult for your home to reach its ideal temperature. Your system also might be the wrong size. Particularly if it’s too big, not only can it cause disparate temperatures, it can also make the air feel clammy and uncomfortable.

In order to assess these issues and stay on top of them, it’s essential to schedule your annual HVAC maintenance visit every year. Your HVAC technician can determine what problems are making your house less comfortable and let you know the best course of action for fixing them, ensuring an even temperature throughout your home.

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