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Should Your AC Fan in Your Home Be Running All the Time?

Have you ever wondered if there’s an advantage to leaving your HVAC fan on the “On” setting as opposed to “Auto”? While most homeowners choose the On/Off selection so that the fan comes on and goes off along with the condenser, there are some valid reasons for leaving the fan on. See the pros and cons of using the AC fan continuously.

Why Leaving the AC Fan On Is a Good Idea

  1. There’s less stress on the fan. Over time, the fan may wear out faster from more frequent startups. Leaving it on reduces that stress.
  2. The conditioned air can be distributed more evenly. You should feel a more even distribution of the conditioned air, and thus feel cooler in the summer or warmer in the winter.
  3. The air can be cleaner. Keeping the fan on ensures that air is being pulled through the filter, and if you use a quality filter that is changed regularly, your air should be cleaner.
  4. The fan maintains a continuous hum, blocking out exterior noise. This is great if you live in a noisy neighborhood with traffic or neighbors who have parties or use loud lawn appliances.

Why Leaving the AC Fan On Is a Bad Idea

  1. You’re using more energy. Obviously, if you leave the fan on, it’s consuming energy. It could cost you as much as $50 extra every month to let the fan run continuously. When the fan runs only with the heating or cooling, the unit uses much less energy.
  2. Running the fan continuously inhibits dehumidification. When the fan goes off, the moisture on the coils has a chance to drip down into the condensate pan and drain away. Leaving the fan on redistributes the moisture into the air.
  3. Keeping the fan on creates wear on the motor. The fan motor may wear out faster if you run the fan continuously.
  4. Using the fan continuously in winter may make you feel colder. When the furnace goes off, the fan may blow cooler air from the ducts.

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