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Why a Programmable HVAC Could Be a Money Saver This Winter

Since heating and cooling typically represent the largest recurrent operating expenses in most homes, isn’t it time to upgrade to a programmable HVAC thermostat? Lower monthly energy costs and more consistent indoor comfort are just some of the advantages that await you.

More than 40% of U.S. residences now utilize automated “smarter” thermostats. There’s a learning curve to become familiar with this new technology and its various options, but once you’ve got it down, there’s no going back to that old-school manual model. Here are more reasons why a programmable HVAC thermostat is now the right choice for you.

  • Energy savings you can count on. It’s an established fact that programmable thermostats can reduce monthly HVAC expenses by between 10% and 20% if utilized properly. Translated into actual cash, savings could average up to $220 a year.
  • Many models to choose from. A programmable thermostat is now standard if you’re upgrading to a new central AC or furnace. In addition to the major manufacturers of new HVAC components, high-profile aftermarket brands also offer a wide selection of programmable and smart thermostats to add to an existing system.
  • Precision comfort. A manual thermostat typically provides temperature accuracy within five degrees of the desired setting. Programmable models improve on that figure, fine-tuning temperature accuracy to just one degree.
  • Keeping you informed. A programmable HVAC unit can display messages reminding you of routine upkeep such as replacing the air filter. It can also alert you to potential system malfunctions or other issues that require professional service.
  • Technology rising. Programmable thermostats continue to evolve. Wi-Fi models empower you to remotely check household temperatures, input changes to temperature schedules, and monitor HVAC component status from any internet connection. Other upgrades include geofencing options that sense when you leave the house and adjust temperatures accordingly, then resume normal temperatures when you’re on the way home.

The professionals at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company are ready with more information about the savings and convenience benefits of upgrading to a programmable HVAC thermostat.